Can the Use of Alcohol Affect the Immune System?

And all of those sites have lots of printed resources and information as well. Um, I think AA alcoholics or in and dot org are all sort of those main parent sites. But in addition to that, you can go on to Facebook and type in sobriety groups or alcoholics anonymous meetings. And I’ve, you said something about Alaska earlier and we worked in really remote areas, um, and did teleconferencing and telemedicine before it was popular.

Alcohol passes through the stomach’s lining and small intestines. While this list highlights several medical conditions, it is only a partial list. There are many other conditions that alcohol can cause, such as lung and kidney problems and an increased risk of injury. Some of the ways alcohol affects our health are well known, but others may surprise you. Here are six less-known effects that alcohol has on your body, as well as how your liver breaks it down. But when you’ve ingested too much alcohol for your liver to process in a timely manner, the toxic substance begins to take its toll on your body, starting with your liver.

Bacterial and Viral Infections Linked to Drinking Alcohol

To explain, alcohol has negative effects on the immune system on chemical and cellular levels. For example, it heightens the chance of developing an infection that a normal person would not catch. In addition to laboratory studies confirming the impact of alcohol consumption on the innate immune system, several studies have looked at how heavy drinking can alter plasma cytokine levels.

Does alcohol prevent you from getting sick?

No, alcohol cannot treat or cure the common cold. Colds are the result of a viral infection. Of over 200 viruses that can potentially cause a cold, rhinoviruses are the most common. There is no cure for these infections.

Despite the damaging effects of alcohol on the immune system, it is still possible to decrease your risk of contracting COVID-19 and other viral infections by reducing the amount you drink. The risk of developing heart problems is also an issue does alcohol weaken your immune system for those who drink to excess. Alcohol raises triglycerides in the blood, which can block arteries and cause problems such as high blood pressure and heart disease. You are drinking alcohol in excess decreases the effectiveness of Interferon.

How Your Immune System Works

Usually, HIV and Hepatitis C are contracted through unprotected sex or contaminated needles. Since alcohol lowers a person’s inhibitions and judgment, a person is at risk for contracting these conditions. To make matters worse, drinking alcohol can dampen the body’s immune system. Under these conditions, a person’s risk of contracting these diseases heightens dramatically.

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