What is the difference between reducing balance method depreciation and straight line depreciation?

how to calculate straight line depreciation

As a result, you wouldn’t typically «depreciate» stock – instead, you would write off the total cost of the stock as an expense when you purchase it. A business has two main types of assets – tangible and intangible. Our accounting software has all the features you need for your small business.

Our powerful fixed asset management software can help you save hundreds of hours and boost accuracy with automated depreciation calculations. Request a demo today or contact us to find out more about how FMIS can help with all your IT asset needs. In conclusion, calculating depreciation for IT assets can be a complex process due to the https://www.thenina.com/retail-accounting-as-a-way-to-enhance-inventory-management/ unique nature of these assets. In contrast to other tangible assets, IT assets may have a shorter useful life and a rapid rate of obsolescence as a result of technological advancements. Just like the previous two depreciation types described above, the declining balance method of depreciation also comprises of a scheduled calculation.

How do we define an asset’s useful life?

It is important to note that once an IT asset is capitalised, its cost cannot be charged to expenses until it reaches the end of its useful life and is fully depreciated. This straight line depreciation calculator starts with a written definition of what ‘straight line depreciation’ is, with a clear example. Unfortunately this isn’t pre-filled into the calculator’s fields, a missed opportunity to demonstrate it to users. If you would like to work out the depreciable amount, you need to know the asset’s purchase date, the asset’s acquisition value, and the asset’s estimated useful life expressed in financial years.

Thankfully, this is one area where technology really is a time-saver. Instead of ploughing through the actual equations you can use one of many free online calculators. No problem at all – as long as you record the distances you have covered thoroughly in a logbook. You can either keep this in electronic form on your smartphone or buy it as a bound booklet from a specialist office retailer. However, there is nothing stopping you from creating your own logbook.

Calculate Straight Line Depreciation using Simple Formula

While this depreciation method is easy to calculate, it may not accurately reflect the asset’s value over time. In this calculation of depreciation you take how long something is expected to last and split the initial purchase price over that many years. You’re not actually moving the money around, but your balance sheet will real estate bookkeeping show this changing value over the lifespan of the asset. This is because it’s now worth less than you originally paid for it. The declining balance depreciation method is also seen as a factor which drives economic development, as it allows a business to set its funds free in less time to make quick re-investments possible.

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