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Savannah finds her in some bushes, covered in cuts, and adopts her; re-naming her Mimi. Mimi/Gigi has a close connection with Savannah, not wanting to leave her side. Savannah soon gives her back to Brooke after being threatened with assault charges. Sage Bond – Sage is Savannah’s boyfriend whom she still loves. Sage used to be with Brooke, but quickly broke up with her when he found out Brooke cheated on him with Tom. Sage himself had a hard time deciding between Brooke and Savannah, but as seen in season 2, Sage loves Savannah.

They both care for each other and helped Savvy by giving her makeover, as Savvy did the same thing for them in return. At the beginning of season 1, Savannah was portrayed as a brown beagle with green eyes. However, in New Girl In Town (episode 4), she gets a makeover and becomes a reddish-brown dachshund with white and orange markings on her paws and back.

lps popular

After school, Savannah goes rollerblading and finds a lost cricket in the bushes, covered in cuts. She takes her home and with the approval of her mother, keeps her and names her Mimi. After lunch, Savannah decides to show Sage the note that was on her locker. He thinks that it’s Brooke’s doing, but Savannah thinks it’s Brigitte.

Savvy gets re-paired up with Tom for their English project, leaving Sage on his own. She then gets a phone call from Tom telling her to sit with him at lunch again. This time, he pulls Savannah up on to the table, asks her to be his girlfriend and gives her a necklace. The same day at lunch, Brooke returns, some pets are thrilled, whilst some are not.

The animated shorts, produced by Cosmic Toast Studios,[4] were released online by Hasbro. Kenner also produced sets in 1995 and 1996 ranging from «Shimmering Mer Pets» to plush «Dazzling Hair Pets», diverging further from their original pet shop sets. Based upon the movie series, there was a number of playsets featuring the infamous Saint Bernard dogs with Beethoven and Missy with Tchaikovsky, Chubby, Dolly and Mo. He tends to get involved in relationships quickly, such as when he met Savannah or Violette, but doesn’t jump into one until the other is finished. He does not seem to be a top student, as shown when Mr. Burke was not pleased to have Tom in his English class.

But after she caught Brooke and Tom kissing during the party, Savannah figured he cheated on her, but as he was only trying to save their relationship. The next day, Savvy meets a girl named Brigitte LeBlanc, an exchange student from France who is living with Sage. Sage tells Savannah that he and Brigitte are cousins, when Brigitte corrects him and states that their families are friends, and that she has known Sage ever since they were both babies. Gigi runs away from the self-centered Brooke after being neglected, abused and starved.

Brooklyn Hayes – Brooklyn and Savannah were once friends before Brooke moved to OCD (Orange Country Day) in California. However, when Savvy moved there, Brooke quickly rejected her about being the best friends they used to be. Savannah, because of her kind nature, would never hurt Brooke. In the season https://www.xcritical.in/ premiere of season 2, she reveals that while she doesn’t like Brooke, she still cares for her. Brooke, on the other hand, hates Savvy and wants to destroy her, and even went as far as hurting her. Mimi has a flashback of Brooke not keeping her promise about coming back home to feed her in time.

Brooke calls her mother, only to find out that she doesn’t care for Gigi, and tells her to stop calling while she is at work. Brooke then realizes what she’s done; Gigi had ran away because of her. Déborah François is confirmed to be cast as new character Brigitte LeBlanc. Jack Gleeson from the popular TV show, Game of Bones, will be entering the show as a guest star, Malcolm.

After Mimi walks up to her, Brooke repays Savvy by cuddling with Mimi and making unfriendly remarks that offend Savannah. Later that day, Savannah, while at home, is confronted by her irascible parents, who angrily berate her for having injured Brooke and getting herself suspended. Her parents are extremely oblivious to the fact that the attack was provoked. Savannah counteracts their accusations by justifying her perspective, but her parents barely take her side into account. Savannah’s mom then informs her that Brooke’s mother threatened to press charges, and demanded the return of Mimi.

She then takes Mimi to school with her, because she cries whenever Savannah is away. Brooke then sees her and takes Mimi away, knowing that this is her cricket, Gigi. Her best friend Brooklyn Hayes had also moved there in 8th grade. She is elated, especially when she discovers that she’ll be attending the same school Brooklyn goes to.

lps popular

Sage starts yelling at her as well, and they get into a big argument. The fight ends with Sage calling Savannah a «total biotch» and Brigitte secretly smiling. Brooke and Savannah get into an argument about Mimi, and how she has always loved Brooke, not Savannah, yet that isn’t true. Again, Brooke threatens Savvy cfd liquidity provider about pressing charges, which leads to Savannah telling Brooke about all the fun times they used to have in seventh grade. The next day, Savvy unwillingly gives Brooke her cricket back. Although Mimi wants to stay with Savvy, she tells her that she has to go with Brooke and why she can’t run away again.

Savannah was a friendly girl for the majority of the series, but eventually, her personality shifted. Her popularity got to her head for a short time, and not long after, she mauls her enemy Brooklyn Hayes. Savannah acted sweetly at first, but, when her friends take her to get a makeover, she decides there’s going to be a new Savannah Reed. Savannah then acts smooth and sarcastic, and she sticks up for herself.

Savannah acts rough and, in some cases, savage, to Brooke sometimes, but when it comes to everyone else, she’s somewhat kind. She often flirts with the boys and tries to be friendly around them. At Brooke Hayes’ party, Savannah’s opinion of Brooke changes when Brooke scratches her face.

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