To browse this location, you first start by opening the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE key . In this key, you see the SOFTWARE folder, then Microsoft, Windows, CurrentVersion, and finally the Run folder. To open the Windows registry, follow the steps below for your version of Windows. Fixing Windows errors, tweaking Windows features, or completely removing a program can sometimes require you to edit the Windows registry. This page provides help with opening and viewing the Windows registry, editing, and deleting registry values. Ventsislav is a cybersecurity expert at SensorsTechForum since 2015.

The reasons are always one after another and you don’t know all of them. Unknown applications and services are running and occupying memory. Advanced SystemCare can always fix them within one shot and optimize your PC with 30+ troubleshooters.

What Is CHKDSK Utility

Make sure you Download update your virus program and run a thorough scan of the computer or, run Windows update so you can get the latest virus definition and fix. Scroll down to see the list of Apps and features installed in your computer. One of the first few things you need to check when your PC won’t boot-up is initial power supply. Make sure your system gets enough power supply to boot up the system and to be able to run it. If it doesn’t get adequate supply, it will not be able to boot the system and hence your system won’t load at all. Just in case the repair succeed, don’t forget to do a scandisk to check your disk cluster…

I put the CD into my now operational Windows XP environment (thanks to using the spare IBM drive – see Step 6). I ran GetDataBack off the CD, it could see all my files. I even opened a jpg for kicks to see if the data was good… I then went to runtime.org, paid my $79 bucks and used GetDataBack to copy all my important files over to a USB2.0 hard drive I use for mass storage. The disk does not appear to be faulty because I can locate the various control tables, boot areas, etc. and so far they look OK.

How to scan and repair resources Windows virtual machine if its system files are corrupted

Just download this tiny troubleshooter and run it. You can click on the Advanced button to select whether you want the repairs to happen automatically or you want to see the problems first before repairing. Afterward, click Next, and the tool will scan and fix the problems. As this CHKDSK Blue Screen Windows 10 error may make your system and data inaccessible, you may use a Windows data recovery software, such as Stellar Data Recovery Professional. This efficient data retrieval tool can recover data from non-bootable or crashed Windows PCs or laptops.

To check this, you need to open your PC/laptop CPU case and remove hard disk/SSD cable from its cabinet, check if SATA, ATA cables and hard disk/SSD card is working fine. Now, reconnect your hard disk/SSD cable to your computer and check if the issue is resolved. Step 3 If the hard drive contains bad sectors, you should back up important files to another disk and try repairing bad sectors with DiskGenius. The first step you can do is check the cables and hard drives installed on your PC. I am sure this post helped you on How to fix A disk read error occurred Windows 10 with several easy steps/methods.

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